Hello Friends! I can not tell you how excited I am to present to you the Silver Lining Blog. This blog is a place to come when you find you’re having a hard time finding the joy, hope, and little hapinesses (is that a word? I’m making it a word…) in your every day life.

The world we live in right now is a rough one. We’re all so stressed, anxious, depressed, worn-out, you name it. Sometimes we just get stuck in our routine and forget to stop and smell the roses. I hope you will come to this place often to read my little tips and tricks that I call Little Glimmers, some motivational messages, and the occasional work out! Those endorphins are no joke y’all.

So welcome, and remember:

With every dark cloud there’s always a silver lining.

P.S.- Follow me on Instagram for additional Little Glimmers, happy messages, and more! @WhereIsYourSilverLining

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